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    Connecting to External Speakers

    Please note that the Wii console supports Dolby Pro Logic II for simulated surround sound. If you have a surround sound stereo and wish to use this feature, you will need to adjust the Sound setting in the Wii console's system menu. Please click here for information on adjusting this setting.

    Installation steps:

    1. Gently pull the yellow cable of the Stereo AV cable apart from the two Audio cables (red & white). Plug the yellow cable into the Video Input on the TV or VCR.
    2. Locate an open set of Audio inputs (left & right) on your home stereo. Do NOT use inputs marked "Phono."
    3. Plug the white cable into the Audio Left input on your home stereo. Plug the red cable into the Audio Right input on your home stereo.
    4. Set the input select on the stereo system to match the label on the set of audio inputs. (For example, if you plugged the Audio cables into the AUX port, switch the stereo to AUX or "auxiliary.")
    5. Plug the AC Adapter into the back of the system. Plug the other end into a wall outlet.
    6. Turn the power on.
    7. Turn on the TV or VCR and locate the input select. It's often called Input Select, AUX (auxilary), Line, Line In, Input, Source, Select, In, or EXT (external). Switch the input select to show the Nintendo game.

      Note: If you are using a VCR, you will need to set the VCR's TV/VCR button to VCR. You can do this by putting a movie in the VCR, pressing play, then pressing stop.

    8. The game image should now be displayed on the screen and the sound should be coming out of the home stereo's speakers. For more information on working with your home stereo, please consult the manual for the stereo.