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    Data that can be moved from Wii to Wii U

    The following content can be transferred:

    • WiiWare
    • Virtual Console titles
    • Save data for Wii software, WiiWare, and Virtual Console titles
    • Downloaded add-on content for software
    • Wii Points
    • Wii Shop Channel purchase history
    • Mii characters stored in the Mii Plaza
    • Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection-related data

    The following content cannot be transferred:

    • Data from Wii settings
    • Pre-installed WiiWare or Virtual Console titles
    • Software and save data for which transfer is not permitted
    • Software that is present on both consoles
      (While the software itself will not be transferred to the target Wii U console, save data for these titles will be transferred)
    • Save data for Nintendo GameCube software
    • Time-limited downloadable content
    • Mii characters in Mii Parade

      If you wish to transfer Mii characters from Mii Parade, please manually move them to Mii Plaza before starting the transfer.

    The following Wii Channels cannot be transferred:

    • Internet Channel
    • Nintendo Channel
    • Today & Tomorrow Channel
    • Mii Contest Channel
    • Everybody Votes Channel
    • Photo Channel 1.1
    • Metroid Prime 3 Preview
    • Wii U Transfer Tool
    • Wii System Transfer
    • Wii Speak Channel

    Note: Wii U does not support WiiConnect24. Some software features may no longer be available after transferring software to a Wii U console.