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    Data that can be transferred between Wii U consoles

    The following data is transferred as a set. You cannot transfer individual users or data, controller settings or pairings, or items not on the following list.

    Wii U software*

    • Save data for Wii U software
    • Pre-installed software and its save data**
    • Software titles downloaded from Nintendo eShop and their save data
    • Update data and add-on content for software

    *It may not be possible to use some software titles on the target Wii U console after the transfer.

    **You can use transferred data for applications such as Mii Maker and the friend list on the target Wii U console.

    User data

    • User settings, including Nintendo Network IDs and email addresses
    • Parental Controls settings
    • Nintendo eShop account activity

    Wii-related items

    • Data related to Wii software and the Wii Shop Channel
    • Wii Shop Channel purchase records (account activity)

    Please visit our transferring Wii data to Wii U section for more information.


    • Mii characters


    Data will be deleted from the source Wii U console once transferred.

    Data (including save data and users) already saved on the target console will be deleted during the transfer, and replaced with data from the source console.

    If you were using a USB storage device with the target console, you will no longer be able to use it with either console after the transfer. In addition, data the console saved to the USB device (including save data) will be unusable. You must re-format the USB storage device to continue using it with the console.

    Software and items previously purchased from Nintendo eShop on the target console will be deleted. However, you can redownload them from Nintendo eShop free of charge by linking your existing Nintendo Network ID to a user on the target console after the transfer.

    Make sure you are familiar with your Nintendo Network ID's name, password and email address, as you will need them to link it to the target Wii U console again.