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    Compatible USB storage devices

    You can expand the amount of available storage space with external USB storage devices.

    Nintendo recommends using self-powered hard disk drives, i.e. devices that use an external power supply instead of drawing power through USB. Devices that draw their power from USB ports are known as "bus-powered" devices, and are not recommended for use with Wii U. For the best results with storage devices, we recommend using a hard drive with its own power supply that connects to the Wii U via the USB port on the console.

    Please note that you cannot remove/connect a storage device while the power is on.

    We have found that the following external storage devices work with Wii U; these devices have been subjected to basic performance tests:

    Buffalo HD-LBU3 series

    • HD-LB1.0TU3-EU
    • HD-LB2.0TU3-EU

    For more details please visit:


    Be sure to keep your drive up to date with the latest firmware. When updating the drive's firmware, do not select to format the device if prompted by your PC as this will delete your data. You will be able to update the firmware without formatting the device.

    For information about updating the drive's firmware, please visit the manufacturer's website.

    Toshiba STOR.E CANVIO Desktop series

    • HDWC120EW3J1 (2TB/white model)
    • HDWC120EK3J1 (2TB/black model)
    • HDWC110EW3J1 (1TB/white model)
    • HDWC110EK3J1 (1TB/black model)

    For more details please visit:


    In order to use the following USB storage devices, Wii U system software version 2.1.0E or later is required. Please see our System Update section for more information.

    Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive

    • STCA1000200 (1 TB)
    • STCA2000200 (2 TB)

    For more details please visit:


    Seagate Expansion Desktop

    • STBV100020 (1 TB)
    • STBV2000200 (2 TB)

    For more details please visit:


    Western Digital (WD)

    My Book™

    • WDBACW0010HBK-EESN (1 TB)
    • WDBACW0020HBK-EESN (2 TB)

    For more details please visit: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=870

    The devices above have been subjected to performance tests. However, please note that we do not guarantee the performance of these devices.

    Please consult the instruction manual of the USB storage device for operation information.

    Specifications of these devices are subject to change, and there is a possibility that these devices may not function properly with Wii U due to a specification change.