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    Part 2: Entering settings on Wii U

    After completing Part 1: Finding your network's IP address, perform the following steps on Wii U.

    1. From the Wii U Menu, select "System Settings".

    2. Using the Left Stick, select the "Internet" icon and press the A Button.

    3. Select "Connect to the Internet".

    4. Tap "Connection Types" or press the Y Button.

    5. Select "Manual Configuration".

    6. Tap "SSID" and enter your Wi-Fi network’s name (case-sensitive).

    7. Tap "Security" and select your encryption method, then enter your Wi-Fi network’s security key.

    8. Tap the arrow on the right and select "IP Address".

    9. Tap "Don't Auto-Obtain" and enter the information as follows, ensuring you enter the full stop between each set of numbers:

    • Tap "IP Address" and enter your IP address by adding 10 to the IP address listed in your PC. For instance, if your computer's IP address displays, enter on Wii U.
    • Tap "Subnet Mask" and enter the subnet mask as it appears in your network settings. Often, this is but may vary.
    • Tap "Gateway" and enter the default gateway as it appears in your network settings.

    10. Tap "Confirm".

    11. An on-screen message will ask you to configure the DNS settings. Tap "Configure".

    12. Tap "Don't Auto-Obtain" and enter one of the following options as the DNS information:

    Option 1) Enter your router's IP address (that is, the default gateway) as the Primary DNS. Keep the Secondary DNS setting as

    Option 2) Keep both the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS settings as

    Option 3) Enter the DNS information supplied by your Internet service provider.

    13. Tap "Confirm" to return to the manual settings screen.

    14. If you are using a proxy server, tap the arrow to the right, select "Proxy Settings" and enter your proxy information (most networks do not require this configuration.)

    15. When finished, tap "Save" or press the B Button.

    16. Tap "Save" again.

    17. Tap "Connection Test" to test your connection.

    18. Tap "OK" if the connection test was successful. If the connection test was not successful, please contact our Nintendo Service Centre who will be able to assist you.

    19. If you wish to set this network as your default network, tap "Set".

    If you have any questions or difficulties while setting up the Internet connection on your Wii U console, please contact our Nintendo Service Centre who will be happy to help.