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    Error Code: 2110-2979

    The information in this article can help if you are unable to connect your Nintendo Switch console to a wired or wireless network and receive the error code 2110-2979.


    Test your connection after any changes are made to the Nintendo Switch console or network environment to determine if the change resolves your issue.

    Additional Information:

    • This error code indicates there was an IP address conflict between the Nintendo Switch console and another device on the network.
    • This can occur if you assigned an IP address to the Nintendo Switch console that was already assigned to another device on the network, such as another gaming system, a PC or a laptop.

    Possible Solutions:

    • Update the IP address within the Nintendo Switch console's internet settings.

      If the Nintendo Switch console is using the same IP address as another device on the network, changing the IP address to an alternate, valid IP address may resolve this issue.

    • Change the console's IP address setting from "Manual" to "Automatic".

      If the network you are connecting to does not require you to manually assign an IP address, than changing the "IP Address Settings" to "Automatic" from within the console's internet settings may resolve this issue, as the router will then assign the console a unique IP address.

    Situation not resolved

    If you are still unable to connect, please contact our Customer Support.