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    Network Bandwidth Troubleshooting

    Step-by-step instructions to resolve an issue with a home network's internet speed.

    What to Do:

    • Are you using a recommended internet service?
      We recommend use of a high-speed, wired internet connection such as a cable, DSL, or fibre optics internet connection.

      Use of other services, such as cellular or satellite internet, may result in lag, latency or slow download speeds that prevent use of some online features. If you're experiencing an issue that may be related to use of these services, try another type of internet connection if possible.

    • Ensure no other users or applications are utilising bandwidth on your network.
      Devices streaming video content, downloading files or performing other bandwidth-intensive tasks may affect the speeds at which other devices can send and receive data over the internet. Turn off any of devices or programs you may find running.
    • Perform an internet speed test to measure your available bandwidth.
      You can check your network's download speeds by searching "internet speed test" using a search engine.

      If you are receiving download speeds that are lower than recommended (many services operate best with a download speed of 1.5Mbps or higher - the higher the better), please contact your network administrator or internet service provider.

    • Resolve any issues with wireless interference.
      If you have experienced weak or poor signal strength with wireless devices on your home network, improving your network's wireless signal strength can also increase the connection speeds of devices on your network.