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    How to Update Super Mario Party

    Instructions for how to update Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch.

    On 27 April 2021 a new software update for Super Mario Party became available for download. Please take a moment to download and install this update while your Nintendo Switch console is connected to the internet.

    Additional Information:

    • This update must be applied in order to use the game’s online features.
    • Save data will still be available for use after downloading the update.
    • If the console is connected to the internet, the update will download and install automatically.
    • All players must be using the same version of the software to play together. Please make sure you have the same software version as the people you are playing with.

    Complete These Steps:

    1. Connect the Nintendo Switch console to the internet.
    2. Return to the HOME Menu and launch the game.
    3. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.
    4. Once the update is installed, the newest version number will be displayed on the title screen.

    Update Details:

    Click the version number below for information about the update. Each update also includes all previous updates.

    Ver. 1.1.0 (Released April 27, 2021)

    Feature Added

    • You can now play the following modes over the internet:
      • Mario Party
      • Partner Party
      • Free Play (Minigames)
    • Important: A paid membership to Nintendo Switch Online is required to play online.

    Playing online

    • To play online, select either Mario Party, Partner Party or Minigames, then select Online Play.
    • There are two ways to play online: Friend Match, where you can play with friends, and Private Game, where you can play with anyone using passwords.
    • The possible play styles for online play are as follows:
      • 1 player per console (you can play with between 2 and 4 players)
      • Up to 2 players per console (you can play with between 3 and 4 players)

      If two players are each playing on their own console, they cannot play with two players using a third console.

    • Playing online supports the Invite Friend feature. If you select Invite Friend on the screen that's displayed when you’re waiting for rivals, your selected friends can join from Online Play Invitations on their user page, which can be opened by selecting the icon in the top-left corner of the HOME Menu.
      • Online Mariothon does not support the Invite Friend feature.
    • When playing online, all 20 characters and all maps are available, regardless of your current in-game progress.
    • When playing online, 70 of the total 80 minigames are available to play.
    • The following 10 minigames are not available when playing online:
      • Strike It Rich
      • Time to Shine
      • Take a Stab
      • All-Star Swingers
      • Rhythm and Bruise
      • Pep Rally
      • Wiped Out
      • Fiddler on the Hoof
      • Clearing the Table
      • Baton and On
    • Play data won’t be saved when playing online.

    Version 1.0.1 (Released March 22, 2019)

    • Online
      • Fixed an issue with Online Mariothon in which ranking data was not displaying properly.

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