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    Game Trials FAQ

    With a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can play a limited-time trial of a select game on Nintendo Switch!

    What is a Game Trial?

    A Game Trial is an event that features a free, downloadable version of a game made available to Nintendo Switch Online members. The software available through the Game Trials event is playable for a limited period of time. After the trial period ends or your Nintendo Switch Online membership expires, the Game Trials software will no longer be playable.

    Is a Game Trials event the same as downloading the demo version of a game?

    No. Game Trials events allow you to download and play the full game, but only for a set period of time.

    How do I download Game Trials software?

    If you reside in one of the European countries where Nintendo Account is available, Game Trials software can be downloaded from Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch.

    1. Open Nintendo eShop using a Nintendo Account with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.
    2. Select Nintendo Switch Online from the left-hand menu to view any currently available Game Trials events.
    3. Select an event and choose Download to download the Game Trials software.
      • Alternately, you can download Game Trials software after searching for a title that currently has an ongoing Game Trials event and selecting Download.
    4. You can track the status of the download on the HOME Menu.

    Do I need an internet connection to play Game Trials software?

    An internet connection is needed to download Game Trials software and to initially access the software any time after you restart your Nintendo Switch console. After starting Game Trials software, an internet connection is only required to play online or use other online features within the game.

    How much longer can I play Game Trials software?

    You can view your remaining time to play Game Trials software from the game’s icon on the HOME Menu.

    Can I play Game Trials software online with players who own the same game?

    Yes, if the game has online play. Game Trials events allows you to experience the full game, including any online features the title may include.

    Can I purchase DLC for Game Trials software?

    Yes. You can purchase any available DLC for the game and access it in during the Game Trials event. DLC cannot be played separately from the game that supports it; when the Game Trials event ends, you will no longer be able to access the DLC unless you purchase the game.

    Will my save data from a Game Trials event carry over if I purchase the game?

    Yes. Your save data for Game Trials software is not deleted when a trial ends, so you can pick up where you left off if you purchase the game.

    What happens to Game Trials software after the trial period ends?

    After the trial period ends, the software will no longer be playable. You can delete or archive the Game Trials software at this point. You can also purchase the game and continue where you left off using the save data from the trial.

    • If you purchased DLC for the Game Trials software, you will only be able to access it again after you purchase the game.