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    Error Code: 2110-2201


    You are unable to connect your Nintendo Switch console to a wireless network and receive the error code 2110-2201.


    Test your connection after any changes are made to the Nintendo Switch console or network environment to determine if the change resolves your issue.

    Additional Information:

    This error code typically indicates the router or access point returned an error indicating an incorrect wireless password was used.

    Possible Solutions:

    • Confirm the correct wireless password was entered into the Nintendo Switch console's connection settings.

      In most situations, correcting the password entered into the Nintendo Switch console's internet settings will resolve this error. Review your network's password information, and check the security settings within your console's internet settings. Ensure you are entering the password exactly as it appears, and include any unique capitalisation or symbols that may be used.

    • Move the Nintendo Switch console closer to the wireless router.

      If possible, place the Nintendo Switch console within 3 to 4.5 metres (10 to 15 feet) of the wireless router to improve the signal strength during troubleshooting.

      • It may be helpful to remove the Nintendo Switch console from the Nintendo Switch dock while troubleshooting, and then return the console when troubleshooting is complete.
    • Create a new wireless internet connection file.

      When creating a new internet connection, ensure your console is attempting to connect to the correct wireless network and that it is receiving a strong wireless signal.

    • Power cycle your home network.

      Restarting your network devices may resolve this issue if it is related to the devices being unresponsive.

    Situation Not Resolved:

    If you are still unable to connect, this may indicate an issue related to the network environment or wireless router being used.

    If you would like to continue troubleshooting potential issues related to the wireless router, contact the router's manufacturer for assistance with performing the following steps:

    • Updating the wireless router's firmware
    • Resetting the router back to its factory default settings

    If you would like further assistance with the Nintendo Switch console, please contact our customer support.