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    Can I Earn My Nintendo Points By Completing Missions From Another Region?

    My Nintendo members can change the country/region setting for their Nintendo Account and earn My Nintendo points by completing missions in any region.

    Additional Information:

    • Gold Points are only usable in countries that use the same currency as the country where they were earned. If you change the country setting associated with your Nintendo Account, your Gold Points will remain in your Nintendo Account, but they will not be displayed and cannot be used in countries with a different currency.
    • My Nintendo Platinum Points carry over from one region to another. However, you cannot get additional points by completing the same mission multiple times in different regions.
      • For example, you will only get points for linking a Google account one time, even if you unlink and re-link it in several different regions.
    • Downloadable content will only work with a system that is set to the same country where you redeemed the reward.
      • For example, if you redeem your My Nintendo points for a Japanese download code (by setting your Nintendo Account country/region to Japan), the code will only work with a Japanese Wii U console or Nintendo 3DS family system.
      • We do not refund or exchange download codes mistakenly made for the wrong region.