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    Brand identity
    In the world of Nintendo presents: Style Boutique, many customers are extremely loyal to specific brands: while some shoppers will make it easy for you to help them by naming the brand and type of item they’re after, some are more challenging and a little detective work may be required to satisfy their shopping needs. Listen carefully when your client is describing the look she wants as each of the 16 brands have associated key words that come up time and again. So if a customer wants something ‘boho-chic’ ‘free-spirited’ or ‘flowing’ it’s obvious you should guide her towards Terra products; likewise ‘girly’ ‘fanciful’ or ‘frilly’ requests ring the bell for the Marble Lily brand. If you pay attention you’ll be able to spot these key words and identify the brand your customer is after, making your job a whole lot easier!

    Maybe when payday rolls around
    Whatever you do, never suggest anything over your client’s budget - it’s a surefire way to make her lose interest in your advice and your store. The amount of money your client has to play with can be a valuable pointer towards certain brands too: if it’s in the thousands, max out her plastic on Alvarado; if her credit limit is more modest, look to the less expensive brands like Pure Cloth or Capsule and take more guidance from the image she’s after.

    Refer to your notes
    Sometimes you’ll have to put some serious thought into what’s right for your customer and you may lose track of the details - remember that you can always listen again to her description in the ‘Menu’ tab at the top of the Touch Screen and you can see her budget any time by tapping ‘Order’ at the bottom.

    Not quite as catchy as ‘Diamonds’ but still…
    As all of your stock is carefully catalogued and categorised, the stockroom search function is a girl’s best friend. When a customer describes what she's after your first port of call should be to search for anything that fits the bill. Don’t forget you can search by brand, key word, colour, item type or even mood.

    The first rule of retail
    If several items are suitable and within your client’s budget make sure to present the more expensive item. Fashion is an industry after all…

    Everything’s coming up roses
    When you find the item your customer has asked for you’ll be given two options: urge them to 'Try it On' or ask them to 'Take a Look'. Encouraging a customer to 'Try it On' is serious business and you should only take this route if you're completely confident they'll adore the item you've chosen. If your customer loves your pick, she may ask you to choose another item for her or possibly a whole outfit, which can mean big bucks for your boutique. On the other hand if the customer dislikes the item you've foisted upon them they'll leave your boutique empty-handed, convinced you're a sartorial simpleton.
    Asking a customer to 'Take a Look' is a much safer option: if she likes what you've suggested, she'll try it on; if not, she's likely to guide you closer to something that's on the money. You can present items for customers to look at up to three times but on the fourth attempt the customer will try on whatever you present – these extra chances can be very helpful when more ‘challenging’ customers turn up. The downside? If you present your client with an item they’re sure to like by asking them to ‘Take a Look’ they won't feel any confidence in your ability as a stylist, meaning there's zero chance that they'll ask you to find anything else for them, losing you a prospective sale.

    Window displays that wow
    If you dress mannequins exclusively in one brand you’ll create a co-ordinated look that customers are more likely to fall in love with – meaning they may enter your boutique and ask to purchase the entire outfit. Cha-ching!

    Taking stock
    It's far better to have one or two of every style that appeals in your stockroom than hundreds of the same thing; a few of each item should give enough variety to cater to even the most demanding customer. The truly savvy stylist will carry a wide range of item types, brands and colours, as well as regularly use the search function to identify any areas their stockroom is lacking. Neglecting certain brands or items is the fast track to losing valuable sales!

    She moves in mysterious ways
    If you're stuck with a difficult customer who hasn't given you much to go on, scrutinise what she's wearing carefully and try to figure out what brand it is - chances are if you can present her with something of the same brand she'll like it. Failing that, colour may offer a solution: if a client turns up head to toe in one colour but you don't have the brand she asks for, try presenting something in her favourite hue. It may be possible to open her eyes to something new and secure a sale. (That’s your good deed for the day dealt with!)

    Style competitions
    Once you’ve settled into your new role as boutique manager, Rococco will turn up and invite you to take part in her Fashion Contests. Winning these is a great way to earn respect and some ultra-rare Masquerade brand items. Don’t worry about shelling out for stock to take part - one of the rules is that you can only pick from the pool of items she provides. Pay attention to any descriptions you’re given, identify a brand to work with and create a holistic look. You’ll be the top stylist in town in no time!

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