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    Nintendo DS Lite Browser

    With the Nintendo DS Lite Browser, which is based on the popular Opera browser software, you can surf the Internet, read and send emails, shop online and much much more. And it is all wireless!

    The DS Browser provides an integrated history function that enables you to set bookmarks for your favourite pages. Use the Nintendo DS Lite Browser to quickly and easily access the Internet and connect wherever there is wireless Internet access.

    You can surf the web via the Touch Screen on the Nintendo DS Lite in the same way as with a keyboard and mouse. The stylus is used to activate hyperlinks and click through web pages. The digital keyboard and integrated handwriting recognition make it easy to type in URLs and enter more complex texts.

    The DS Lite Browser can view web pages in two different modes: The overview mode shows the complete page on the screen and you can highlight areas that are then shown on the second screen. In the fit-to-width mode, websites are modified to fit on both Nintendo DS Lite screens. So you don't need to scroll horizontally any more.

    The Nintendo DS Lite Browser software comes on a normal DS card. A memory expansion pack is included to increase the system's performance so that you can view websites with a lot of images and multimedia material. This package fits in the GBA slot of the DS Lite.

    In order to ensure that parents maintain control of their children's Internet viewing, a password can be used to activate the browser. In addition, Nintendo has found a partner - Astaro - that provides a control option for parents that can be used to filter out content that is not suitable for children.