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  • Welcome to Nintendo Support

    Get support for your Nintendo systems, software and services

    Using the main menu

    When you start the browser, the Menu will be automatically displayed. It contains the following options:

    • Search field - You can add text here, and after tapping Search, it will use the search engine you selected to perform a search.
    • Bookmarks - Tapping this lets you access your bookmarks. Selecting a bookmark opens the page, while selecting the wrench icon next to each bookmark lets you edit or delete it. Up to 64 bookmarks can be added, and you can move bookmarks by selecting them, holding them for a second, and then moving them up or down.
    • Add - Tapping this adds the page you are currently on to your bookmarks.
    • Settings - Tapping the wrench icon lets you access your browser settings. Here you can change your prefered search engine, for example.
    • Page Info - Tapping the Info icon gives you more information about the page you are visiting.
    • URL - Here you can enter the URL of a page you would like to visit.
    • Close - Tapping this closes the Internet Browser.
    • Manual - Tapping this opens the manual of the Internet Browser.
    • Hide - Tapping this hides the Menu again.

    You can visit the menu at any time by tapping Menu at the bottom right of the lower screen or by pressing the START or SELECT button.