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    Can the Nintendo 3DS be used in aircraft, hospitals and airports?

    The use of the Nintendo 3DS system in aircraft, hospitals and airports, as with other wireless systems, may be permitted if the wireless connection is NOT active.

    You will know when wireless communication is active on your Nintendo 3DS system when the yellow wireless LED is lit, to indicate that wireless communication is in progress. The wireless LED will also blink to show that data is being transmitted wirelessly. The wireless LED blinks when you use the multiplayer function of a game or games/functions are being transmitted to another unit.

    Please always check and observe the rules and regulations on the use of wireless devices in places such as hospitals, airports or on board of aircrafts.

    On board aircraft any use of multiplayer functions or wireless connection is prohibited. The use of this function in the specified sites may interfere with or cause malfunctions of electronic equipment and can therefore cause harm to persons or damage to property.