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    How do I perform a system update on my Nintendo 3DS system?

    Nintendo constantly aims to improve the functionality of its consoles and services in order to provide the most comfortable, user-friendly experience possible. As a part of these efforts, we are making Nintendo 3DS system software updates available for download via the Internet.

    We recommend that you always keep your system current with the latest available version of the system software. To update your system, follow the steps below:

    1. Open the System Settings from the HOME Menu.
    2. Select OTHER SETTINGS.
    3. Scroll to the right and select SYSTEM UPDATE.

    Please note that a wireless internet connection is required in order to update.

    You can see which version of the system software you have by accessing the System Settings and looking on the bottom right of the top screen.

    Click here to see the latest information about Nintendo 3DS system updates.

    *Please note; the information regarding specific new features available with System Update 2.0.0-2E is published for European users. Certain features are not yet available for South African users but we hope to include these in later updates.