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    How to Earn My Nintendo Points for Physical Software


    Instructions on earning My Nintendo Gold Points for physical games on Nintendo Switch.

    Additional Information:

    • Only physical games for Nintendo Switch qualify for My Nintendo points. (Please note that all digital titles for Nintendo Switch also qualify for Gold Points.)
    • Each game card can be redeemed one time.
    • Physical games earn one-fifth of the Gold Points that would be earned for the equivalent digital version. (For example – if a digital game earns 60 Gold Points, the physical version would earn 12 Gold Points.)
    • Gold Points must be claimed:
      • Europe and South Africa: within two years of the game’s original release date.
      • Other Countries: within one year of the game’s original release date.
      If a physical version of a game is released later than the digital version, it may no longer qualify for Gold Points.

    Complete These Steps:

    1. Insert the game card into the Nintendo Switch console.
    2. Highlight the game icon on the HOME Menu.
    3. Press the + Button or the – Button to access the options menu for the game.
    4. Highlight “My Nintendo Rewards Programme”, then select “Earn Points (game card version only)”.
    5. Select the Nintendo Account you would like to use to earn the Gold Points.