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    How to Detect

    Tips for detecting counterfeit products and infringing devices:

    • Nintendo does not currently offer or authorise for sale any product that allows the play of game files downloaded via the Internet onto its handheld or home console systems. The only way to legitimately download games to Nintendo systems is through Nintendo eShop.
    • Carefully consider whether to purchase from websites offering large quantities of Nintendo products at low prices. The product could be counterfeit if offered well below the average retail price.
    • Look closely at the print found on game discs, cartridges and packaging. Counterfeiters may ship the game disc or cartridge separate from the packaging or instruction manuals. If you purchase your product online, please note that a new Nintendo game comes fully assembled, within its packaging and contains all relevant instruction materials.
    • Use caution when purchasing used games. Make sure the product is not counterfeit, using the same tips outlined above.