Nintendo Direct

Welcome to our Nintendo Direct Wii U Preview! Find out all the latest Nintendo of Europe news right here! Watch the presentation by Satoru Shibata - Nintendo of Europe's President - to hear the hottest release news and games info for the European market. Click on the videos to the side of the main player to watch the individual trailers at any time!

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Main presentation summary

Time Topic
00:06 Mr Shibata and Mr Iwata introduce Nintendo Direct
03:43 Wii U console packs and contents
06:13 Compatibility with Wii accessories
07:41 Wii U console and GamePad technical specifications
09:24 Wii U release date
09:58 Nintendo Land
14:53 New Super Mario Bros. U
22:05 ZombiU™
25:48 FIFA 13
26:17 Mass Effect™ 3: Special Edition
27:27 Downloadable titles for Wii U introduction
27:54 Trine 2: Director's Cut
28:44 Toki Tori 2 TwoTribes
29:37 Nano Assault Neo
30:16 LEGO City: Undercover
34:03 The Wonderful 101
36:57 2012 Wii U line-up
38:33 Monster Hunter™ 3 Ultimate special message from Ryozo Tsujimoto.
40:23 Wii U software summary