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  • A day in the life of a Rescue Corps Officer


    A day in the life of a Rescue Corps Officer

    If you find yourself shipwrecked on a far away, uncharted planet, you can always rely on the Rescue Corps to come to your aid! Join us as we follow the daily routine of their newest recruit, a rookie Rescue Officer, to learn how castaways are rescued.

    Prepare for adventure

    In this line of work, Rescue Corps Officers need to be prepared for anything! Our rookie starts their day with a spot of training with the Rescue Pup, then prepping the equipment and items they’ll need in case of an emergency.


    Pave the way together with Pikmin

    First order of business: explore and investigate the area where the S.O.S. Signal originated, together with the Pikmin and Oatchi. However, crossing rivers can be a tad tricky for certain types of Pikmin. Good thing our rookie brought along some Ice Pikmin, as their extremely cold bodies can freeze the water’s surface. Now everyone can cross the river safely!


    "You can walk on the ice!"

    Descending into a suspicious cave

    Our rookie has discovered what appears to be the entrance of an underground cave. What’s that boy? Oatchi’s caught a whiff of a castaway in need of rescue somewhere deep within!


    An encounter with a giant creature!


    Yikes! A fearsome foe was found lurking inside the cave! However, our quick-thinking rookie has things under control, ordering their brave Pikmin and Oatchi to fight back against this threat.


    Castaway found and rescued successfully!


    With the creature defeated, the team can finally reach the castaway they were looking for. Time to escort them back to safety and leave the cave. Another mission accomplished thanks to the courageous efforts of the Pikmin, Oatchi, and our rookie, of course.

    Return before nightfall!


    Our rookie rounds up their Pikmin and returns to the Rescue Command Post before sundown when the planet’s wildlife comes out to feast. But the job’s not over – as long as there are castaways in danger, the Rescue Corps will be back tomorrow to continue their mission!


    The Rescue Corps will sometimes work dangerous night shifts too! With the help of the Glow Pikmin, who thrive in the dark, they must drive away frenzied creatures and protect the Lumiknoll until sunrise.


    As the sun rises again, a new day dawns and the rescue mission continues! Become the newest recruit of the Rescue Corps in Pikmin 4, out now on Nintendo Switch.