Wii Message Board

Forget hand-scrawled notes stuck to the fridge door. With Wii you can leave messages for other family members on the calendar-based Wii Message Board. Whenever there's a new message, your Wii console will emit a pulsating blue light.

The Wii Message Board also is the home of a log that details which software has been in use and for how long. This is a great way for parents to keep track of how much the console has been used on any given day.


Keep your family posted

The Wii Message board makes it easy to leave short messages for your family members. Just point the Wii Remote at the virtual keyboard on screen and enter your message! You can even post messages to future dates to surprise your loved ones.


A calendar for the whole family

The Wii Message Board contains a calendar that keeps track of all the pictures and notes posted by family members, as well as messages received from Wii Friends or any WiiConnect24 services you opted in on. Mark important events for the whole family by simply posting a note - and add your own Mii for the personal touch.