Photo Channel

The Photo Channel makes it easy to gather around the TV with friends and family to enjoy the photos of a nice day out together. Simply put your photo camera's SD Card into the Wii console’s SD Card Slot, and enjoy the show! Within seconds you can display a slideshow of your pictures on the telly - and you can even add your favourite music in AAC format to emphasise the mood.

With the easy-to-use Photo Channel, you can show pictures and movies*, zoom in on details and enjoy playing with your pictures as you add scribbles and funny effects. The result of your creativity can be saved to your Wii console and sent to the Wii Message Board of your Wii Friends! You can even turn your favourite photographs into puzzles for others to solve with simple Wii Remote controls.

Note: Requires separate purchase of an SD Card.

* Playable movie formats are limited.

Video tour


Photo-shy feline

If you’re fast enough to point at the cat roaming at the top of the screen in a photo’s ‘Fun’ menu and press the A Button in time, the cat will give you some tips on using the Photo Channel.


Power over puzzles

After turning your first photo into a Puzzle via the ‘Fun’ menu, you’ll be able to choose how many pieces future photo puzzles consist of, selecting from 6 to 48 pieces.


A fresh start

When you are doodling on pictures, you can get rid of any unwanted scribbles with the eraser tool. Using the eraser won’t have any effect on the original photo and prevents you from having to delete all your work.