Wii Menu

In 2019, we will close the Wii Shop Channel used on Wii and Wii U, which has been available since December 2006.

Read this article for all the end dates for each service!

The Wii Menu is the main screen from which you start your Wii experience. In the top left you will find the Disc Channel where you can activate the software that you inserted in the Wii console and in the bottom left you can easily adjust the system settings. But there is much more content to discover…

Your Wii console comes with a variety of pre-installed Channels and there are several fun or useful extra Channels you can download if your Wii is connected to the Internet. Browse the pages of this section for a detailed look at the informative and entertaining Channels that will help you to make more out of your Wii experience.


Make your own kind of menu

The Wii Menu consists of four pages each forming a 4x3 grid in which each new Channel or downloaded game takes up one space in the grid. You can easily customise the layout of your Wii Menu by picking up the icon of a Channel or a downloaded game by pressing and holding the A and B Buttons and then moving it to another slot in the grid. The only slot that's fixed in place is the Disc Channel in the top left of the Wii Menu.


It's all part of the game

Certain products, such as Mario Kart Wii, Wii Fit Plus and the Wii Speak accessory give you the option of adding an extra Channel to your Wii Menu, allowing you instant access to fun features of the product without even having to insert the game disc!


Room for more

In case you run out of space on your Wii's internal memory, simply insert an SD Card into the SD Card slot of your Wii console and you can use the SD Card's extra memory space to store any Virtual Console or WiiWare games or additional Channels you downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel. Then simply point at the SD Card icon in your Wii Menu and press the A Button on your Wii Remote for direct access to all the content stored on your SD Card.