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  • From Mew to Magearna, discover Mythical Pokémon in our feature news



    Some Pokémon are common as Muk – if you’ve ever scaled the heights of Mt. Moon, you’ll be all too familiar with the Poison- and Flying-type Pokémon Zubat, for instance. Similarly, many-a Weedle, Caterpie and Pidgey have likely suffered the wrath of your first-partner Pokémon’s battle prowess.

    Other Pokémon, however, are so incredibly rare and seldom seen that many people in the world of Pokémon have been led to question their very existence, often dismissing them as stuff of legend. They’re known as Mythical Pokémon.

    While we wait for the first sightings of Mythical Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon – coming exclusively to Nintendo 3DS family systems on November 23rd – let’s take a look back at the adventure so far, and at the super-elusive Pokémon that have divided Pokémon scientists and researchers for generations.

    Mythical Pokémon first sighted in Pokémon Red Version, Pokémon Blue Version and Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition


    Mew – Psychic-type – Mew is said to possess the genetic composition of all Pokémon. It is capable of making itself invisible at will, so it entirely avoids notice even if it approaches people.


    Celebi – Psychic-/Grass-type – This Pokémon came from the future by crossing over time. It is thought that so long as Celebi appears, a bright and shining future awaits us.


    Deoxys – Psychic-type – The DNA of a space virus underwent a sudden mutation upon exposure to a laser beam and resulted in Deoxys. The crystalline organ on this Pokémon's chest appears to be its brain.


    Jirachi – Steel-/Psychic-type – A legend states that Jirachi will make true any wish that is written on notes attached to its head when it awakens. If this Pokémon senses danger, it will fight without awakening.


    Arceus – Normal-type – According to the legends of Sinnoh, Arceus emerged from an egg and shaped all there is in this world.


    Darkrai – Dark-type – Darkrai chases people and Pokémon from its territory by causing them to experience deep, nightmarish slumbers.


    Manaphy – Water-type – Manaphy is born with a wondrous power that lets it bond with any kind of Pokémon.


    Phione – Water-type – When the water warms, they inflate the flotation sac on their heads and drift languidly on the sea in packs.


    Shaymin – Grass-type – Shaymin can dissolve toxins in the air to instantly transform ruined land into a lush field of flowers.

    Mythical Pokémon first sighted in Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version


    Genesect – Bug-/Steel-type – The ancient bug Pokémon Genesect was altered by Team Plasma. They upgraded the cannon on its back.


    Keldeo – Water-/Fighting-type – Keldeo crosses the world, running over the surfaces of oceans and rivers. It appears at scenic waterfronts.


    Meloetta – Normal-/Psychic-type – The melodies sung by Meloetta have the power to make Pokémon that hear them happy or sad.


    Victini – Psychic-/Fire-type – Victini brings victory! It is said that Trainers with Victini always win, regardless of the type of encounter.

    Mythical Pokémon first sighted in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y


    Diancie – Rock-/Fairy-type – A sudden transformation of Carbink, its pink, glimmering body is said to be the loveliest sight in the whole world.


    Hoopa – Psychic-/Ghost-type – In its true form, it possesses a huge amount of power. Legends of its avarice tell how it once carried off an entire castle to gain the treasure hidden within.


    Volcanion – Fire-/Water-type – This Pokémon is both Fire- and Water-type. It uses fire and water to create steam within its body, expelling explosive shock waves and boiling steam from the arms on its back. The power is said to be great enough to blow away an entire mountain, gouging out the earth and changing the shape of the land.

    Newly-discovered Mythical Pokémon


    Magearna – Steel-/Fairy-type – Known as the Artificial Pokémon, Magearna is a Steel- and also a Fairy-type Pokémon. With a beautiful metallic body, Magearna is a Mythical Pokémon constructed by people 500 years ago.

    Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon launch exclusively for Nintendo 3DS family systems on November 23rd, and your all-new adventure takes place in the sun-soaked tropics of the Alola region. For more information, please visit Pokemon.co.uk/SunMoon.