Nintendo eShop

Download the latest games

In addition to finding them in retail stores in their traditional packaged form, you can download a selection of the latest Nintendo 3DS games directly from Nintendo eShop! Find out more at our Nintendo eShop site, or get details on the available purchase options at our How to buy games page.


Nintendo 3DS download software

Nintendo 3DS download software is only available through Nintendo eShop. In this range you'll find useful applications, indie classics and fully-fledged games – some even for free!*


Virtual Console

Remember the good old days? The Virtual Console platform on Nintendo eShop lets you relive gaming gems from the Game Boy and Game Boy Color systems, as well as classics from the NES and SEGA Game Gear. Turn back the clock with titles like Super Mario Land and Alleyway!


Nintendo DSiWare

Your Nintendo 3DS XL system also plays Nintendo DSiWare games: exciting and innovative games and applications from Nintendo and independent developers that can be downloaded to your system in an instant.

*Wireless internet connection required. The registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the network related terms and privacy policies required.