Nintendo Badge Arcade

An important notice about Nintendo Badge Arcade

On June 23rd, 2017, the last set of new badges will be added to Nintendo Badge Arcade. Starting June 30th, the badge catchers will continue to be updated regularly with previously released badges, and you will also be able to enjoy two free plays on the badge catchers each day. Thanks for playing!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of badge collecting in Nintendo Badge Arcade, available to download from Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS family systems!

In a fun and lively arcade, operated by an excitable rabbit, you can test your skills on a variety of crane game amusements, called badge catchers, and collect different badges of all shapes and sizes. Badges are based on your favourite games and series, and they can be used to decorate your system’s HOME Menu!

You can start playing Nintendo Badge Arcade for free, or you can use Nintendo eShop funds to purchase additional plays, allowing you more turns on the badge catchers and more opportunities to collect badges.

Each day you will receive two free plays on the badge catchers and five free plays on the practice catcher. The practice catcher is stocked with dummy badges that aren’t added to your collection but may even come with a bonus or super bonus that will earn you free plays on the badge catchers! Using the practice catcher regularly will improve your skills, and you’ll also get one free play for every 10 non-bonus dummy badges you collect.

Find out more at our Nintendo Badge Arcade gamepage.

The registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the network related terms and privacy policies required. Players can download and start playing the game for free, and can purchase additional plays using Nintendo eShop funds. Plays on badge catchers in Nintendo Badge Arcade are valid only for the respective session of Nintendo Badge Arcade. An Internet connection is required during play. In case the Internet connection is lost while playing and cannot be restored, it is recommended not to terminate the game: put the console into Sleep Mode to save battery and to try again later.