Scribblenauts Unlimited

System: Wii U Release date: No longer available in Nintendo eShop

Important information

As of 27/03/2023, it will no longer be possible to make purchases in Nintendo eShop for Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

Jump into a puzzle-packed world where the ultimate power is your imagination. The latest instalment in the beloved Scribblenauts franchise invites you to pit your wits against tons of brainteasing challenges – using just about anything you can dream up!

Head out on a journey of discovery and help our hero Maxwell solve oodles of puzzles to collect the precious starites he needs. You’ll explore a vast hand-drawn open world, and learn lots more about his family and backstory. With gorgeous HD visuals, the ability to create and share objects online, multiplayer options* and the addition of famous Nintendo characters, Scribblenauts Unlimited on Wii U promises unlimited fun!


This title is also available for Nintendo 3DS, and has some features that are exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version. Find out more at our gamepage for Scribblenauts Unlimited on Nintendo 3DS!

*Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode, sold separately.

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What would you make?

Meet Maxwell, a young chap who owns a magical notepad with a very special power: write the name of anything down and it’ll come to life! Pretty cool eh? Maxwell’s on a mission to help his sister Lily – who has been cursed and is slowly turning to stone! To save her he needs to collect starites and starite shards, and the only way to get those is to help people out. Thankfully the world of Scribblenauts Unlimited is packed with oddball puzzles at every turn, so there are plenty of people who need helping!

Dream it up, write it down

Picture the scene: maybe you need to save a kitten stuck in a tree, or perhaps there’s a mucky pig that needs scrubbing clean, or it could be time to bring some belly laughs to a depressed clown. Just tap the name of anything you can think of onto the Wii U GamePad’s touch screen and watch as it comes to life in-game. Ladders, wings, comedians, elephants, ropes and much more will blink into existence at your command. Now you just need to see if your idea will solve the problem at hand… or make it hilariously worse!


Add an adjective!

Why not add an adjective (or two) to your creation and go for a more adventurous solution? With adjectives you can change the colour, size or behaviour of an object, and there are thousands to choose from. Sure, a “dog” might solve your boggle, but would an “angry zombie dog” be better? Probably. Part of the fun is in experimenting to try out simple-but-elegant solutions as well as off-the-wall ideas – you never know what might work. Go crazy and you’re sure to have tons of fun inventing amazing items that fit the bill.


And another thing…

Maxwell’s latest adventure takes place in a great big open world! The universe is still jam-packed full of puzzles, but on this occasion the seamless, free-roaming levels let you go wherever you want, whenever you want. On top of the puzzles themselves you can also have unlimited hours of fun using the world as your personal playground!


This time around you can create your own Object Library, which allows you to save and store any really cool items you’ve summoned in Maxwell’s “magic backpack” for quick access at a later date. And don’t worry if you get stuck - with the new Merit Board you can check out a helpful hint list for each location, or use “Starite Vision” to highlight all the nearby starites and starite shards. Magic.

Nintendo Characters!

If you’ve ever wanted to see what’d happen if you put Mario, Tingle and a Bob-omb in the same room, it’s your lucky day! Scribblenauts Unlimited features dozens of Nintendo characters and items – including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Link, Zelda, Toad, Tingle, Ganondorf, well, the list goes on! Chuck a few of your faves into the mix and create your own Nintendo drama on the screen.


Scribblenauts Unlimited marks the first time the franchise has come to a home console, and offers a whole host of features that make the experience even bigger and better than ever before!

HD visuals

Now you can play Scribblenauts in high definition on your living room TV! Want a better view on the action? Use the zoom function! Enjoy the gorgeous hand-drawn world in even greater detail by zooming in, or zoom right out for an overview of the area.

Create and share

Get your creative juices flowing and dive in – the Object Editor lets you invent some truly original items to call up in-game. There are tons of options, so you’re only limited by your imagination! You can tweak the colour and pattern of an object, move parts around, change the size, add physical properties, assign behaviour scripts to define how your object will interact with the Scribblenauts world and even give it a cool name.

Once completed, your bespoke bit o’ kit can be saved and shared with other Wii U players online, and you can also download objects that others have made to your own library!

Sidekick Mode

Get by with a little help from your friends: up to three mates can drop in using Wii Remotes* and take control of any object you’ve brought to life on screen. Of course, gathering all your chums to shout out ideas when you’re playing is brilliant fun too – the more the merrier!

Off-TV Play

Whenever the TV is in use, you can switch the action to the Wii U GamePad alone and keep rockin’ in the Scribblenauts world with off-TV play.

*Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode, sold separately.

For more info about the Nintendo 3DS version of this title, check out the official gamepage for Scribblenauts Unlimited on Nintendo 3DS.


Released on October 9th, 2009 for Nintendo DS.

This puzzle game challenged players to solve a bunch of brainteasers by using a groundbreaking new game dynamic: write anything you can think of on the Touch Screen and watch it spring to life in the game! Equal measures of imagination and experimentation were needed to triumph over the 200+ levels in this pioneering title.

For more info about this title, check out the gamepage for Scribblenauts.

Super Scribblenauts

Released on October 29th, 2010 for Nintendo DS.

The power of words became even more potent in Super Scribblenauts, which built on the original game to offer additional ways to solve the 120 new levels at hand. The introduction of the ‘adjective system’ allowed players to alter any objects they could think of by adding combinations of thousands of adjectives. For the first time players could dream up an ‘angry zombie pear’, a ‘shy polar bear’ and much more!

For more info about this title, check out the gamepage for Super Scribblenauts.

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Released on December 6th 2013 for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Create anything and explore everything in this puzzle adventure on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U! This time around you’ll help Maxwell explore a completely open world in search of starites, learning more about his family and history on the way. With the ability to save items you’ve created in Maxwell’s “magical backpack” for quick access, a new “Starite Vision” helper, a hint list and the addition of Nintendo characters, the fun really is unlimited. The Nintendo 3DS version has StreetPass functionality, whereas the Wii U version features HD visuals and more!

For more info about the Nintendo 3DS version of this title, check out the official gamepage for Scribblenauts Unlimited on Nintendo 3DS.


Platformer, Puzzle

Multiplayer mode



1 - 4




Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / 5TH Cell


Internet, Off-TV Play

Age rating

Wii U


Wii U (European version)

Release date


Age rating


Compatible controllers

  • Wii U GamePad,
  • Wii Remote & Wii Remote Plus


English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian