Power Up with items!

Pick up items to transform into new forms with special abilities.

Elephant Mario

Swing your trunk to attack enemies and destroy blocks.If you store water in your trunk and spray it out, who knows what might happen?

Bubble Mario

Capture enemies with light, floating bubbles. Jump even higher by bouncing on them!

Drill Mario

Defeat tough enemies, and even drill into the floor and ceiling!

Fire Mario

Throw fireballs to attack enemies.

Invincible Mario

Become temporarily invincible, and defeat any enemy you touch!

    Power Ups change the way you look.

    Each character's appearance will change with different Power Ups. Why not try switching characters to try them all?

  • Stock up on items to use in a pinch.

    You can reserve items and use them whenever you need to, even in the middle of a course.