Play Your Way

Players new to Mario and experienced players can find the play style that's just right for them.

New to the Mario world? No problem!

Nabbit and Yoshi don't take damage from enemies!

Because Yoshi and Nabbit don't take damage from enemies, new players can ease into the game with them!

  • Yoshi
  • Red Yoshi
  • Yellow Yoshi
  • Light-Blue Yoshi
  • Nabbit

And! Special actions unique to Yoshi

Flutter Jump

Tough courses are no problem with Badges!

Badges help you along in your adventure. You might even be able to finish really difficult courses by using Badges.

Do you keep falling into pits?
And glide right over them!

Just use the Parachute Cap...

What are Badges?

Adventure freely by selecting whichever course you want

With a few exceptions, you're free to choose any course you like. You can even avoid difficult courses and focus on moving forward.

Challenges for experienced players

Test your skill with tough courses

"Some advanced courses require you to use specific Badge actions, while others are a race against the clock to defeat enemies. Perfect to test your skills."

What are Badges?

Find the hidden coins

コース中のどこかにThere are three hidden 10-flower coins in each course. Find them all to prove your skill!