Adventure with Mario and friends!

Select your favourite character from Mario, Luigi, Peach and others, and set off for adventure.

  • Mario

  • Luigi

  • Peach

  • Daisy

  • Yellow Toad

  • Blue Toad

  • Toadette

For people new to the world of Mario, Nabbit and Yoshi don't take damage from enemies!

  • Yoshi

  • Red Yoshi

  • Yellow Yoshi

  • Light-Blue Yoshi

  • Nabbit

Not only do Yoshis ignore damage, but they can perform special actions like the flutter jump!

Find even more support for people new to the world of Mario!

Up to 4 players! Adventure together with different combinations!

By sharing Joy-Con™ controllers, up to 4 people can play Local Multiplayer! Try adventuring with different character combinations!

Teamwork can be the key to certain courses

CHECK IT OUT! Teamwork can be the key to certain courses

On some courses, working together can make it a lot easier to find hidden coins or defeat enemies in record time.

Things you can do with Local Multiplayer

  • Come back as a ghost

    If you're KO'd, you'll float around as a ghost. If another player reaches you before time runs out, you'll jump right back into the action!

  • Jump on Yoshi's back

    Hitch a ride on Yoshis controlled by other players!