8Bit Hero

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5 Player Retro Arcade Chaos

Team up with 4 friends to hack and slash your way through eight worlds in this retro arcade adventure. Power up by exploring a secret-filled 8bit world. Customize attacks by equipping special weapons and tools hidden throughout the journey. Extend hit points by collecting hidden pixel pieces and power up by spending loot on equipment upgrades.


  • Up to 5 players can team up locally for a Co-Op adventure.
  • Explore over 30 challenging levels and find all their hidden secrets.
  • This game can be played off-TV on the Wii U GamePad, even while the TV is being used by someone else.
  • 3 different challenging game modes make the adventure even more heroic. Choose from Casual, Arcade, or Hardcore mode to better fit your play style.
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Release date:
May 12, 2016
up to 5 players
Action, Adventure
Righteous Weasel
Sean Garland
ESRB Rating: