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Meet four leading ladies and girls from games on Nintendo Switch

What do Princess Peach, Samus Aran, Cereza, and Ashley Mizuki Robins have in common? These women and girls are playing with power—and they’re all playable characters in their own games for the Nintendo Switch™ family of systems. Keep reading to learn more about these powerful leading ladies and young women and the games in which they take control.

Take the stage as Peach in the Princess Peach™: Showtime! game. Power up with transformations and use showstopping abilities to call curtains on Grape and the Sour Bunch. Using the power of Stella’s ribbon, rally the actors and discover powerful transformations that give Peach distinct abilities to change up how you play the game. Download the free game demo and try your hand at two different transformations: Swordfighter Peach and Patissiere Peach.

Explore eerie locales, solve perplexing puzzles, and uncover visions of a tragic past in the Another Code™: Recollection game. As Ashley Mizuki Robins, you’ll sleuth your way to truth across two fully enhanced mystery adventures—including one previously unreleased in North America. Sound intriguing? You can experience the opening chapter of Ashley’s story with the free game demo.

Suit up as intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran in the Metroid™ Dread game. In this side-scrolling adventure, you’ll have to battle your way out from the depths of a mysterious alien world plagued by a mechanical menace. Sprint and shoot as Samus in Rookie Mode to make the game a little easier or face Dread Mode for a true challenge. You can try the free game demo to experience the exciting beginnings of the adventure.

Long before she became the battle-ready Bayonetta, a young Cereza was cast out by both her clan in the Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon™ game. Join Cereza and her and her demonic stuffed toy, Cheshire, as you search through the forbidden Avalon Forest to look for power to save Cereza’s mother. Control both Cereza and Cheshire simultaneously using the left and right sides of the controller. Download the free game demo and find out what it’s like to play as two characters at the same time.

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