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FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

The forbidden story begins...

■What is 「FATAL FRAME/Project Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse」
「FATAL FRAME/Project Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse」was released in 2008 for Wii as the fourth title in the series of 「FATAL FRAME/Project Zero.」 Following the remasterization of 「FATAL FRAME/Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water」, the masterpiece of the 「FATAL FRAME/Project Zero」series will be brought to life again with upgraded graphics.

■About the Game
When the protagonists were children they visited the isolated island of "Rōgetsu Island." In the midst of a festival, they disappeared mysteriously. The title begins when the girls decide to go back and visit the island again in search of the lost memories of that day.
Attempt to repel encroaching ghosts, relying only on a faint glow from a flashlight and a camera with the ability to photograph unimaginable things, the Camera Obscura.

Camera Obscura
An old camera with the ability to repel vengeful ghosts and seal away their power by photographing them.
Equip stronger lenses and change out different films to capture even more powerful photos.
Reveal “things that cannot be seen” to find clues that will help in discovery of lost things.

Exploring Rōgetsu Island
Explore the dimly lit Western-style mansions and abandoned hospitals on the island by relying on the moonlight and the faint light of a flashlight.
The story progresses by "touching" places that may call your attention.
From past newspaper articles and notes, you will discover about the past in which abominable incidents happened and unravel the lost memories of the protagonist, and find the truth.

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