A portion of the online services offered through the Wii console were discontinued on 28th June 2013. As a result, WiiConnect24 is no longer available. For more information, please visit our Support section.

With your Wii connected to the Internet, WiiConnect24 is a feature that keeps your console connected - even when you're not playing! And when the blue light on your console lights up, you know there's a surprise waiting as soon as you start playing…


Turn the power ON when you play games and turn the power OFF when you are done. This was the accepted way for traditional consoles. However, Wii doesn’t sleep even when you turn it OFF. Instead, it enters its low power consumption standby mode, in which it uses about as much electricity as a small light bulb, and maintains connection to the Internet. WiiConnect24 delivers new content even while users are sleeping or not at home, presenting “new experiences that anyone can enjoy every day”, and laying the foundation for a lifestyle in which everyone in the family can relate to Wii on a daily basis.


The Wii Message Board, which can be easily accessed from the Wii Menu, is one of the access points for WiiConnect24. Not only can it be used as a household message board, but it also allows users to exchange pictures and messages with other Wii users. In addition to these communication features, some games also provide WiiConnect24 features to deliver messages from your games! Find out about events in Animal Crossing, stay up-to-date on Mario Kart competitions, or receive a Big Brain Academy challenge from a friend!