System Q&A

New to Wii U, or thinking of getting one? Read on for answers to some of the most-asked questions about our latest home console, or check our Support section for even more in-depth info on a variety of topics.

What can Wii U do when connected to the Internet?

By connecting Wii U to the Internet, it's possible to play online games, communicate with other players, purchase content, view websites on the Internet Browser, and more.

Is it possible to control which online functions of Wii U users can access?

Yes. With Wii U you can set up Parental Controls to restrict users from accessing the Internet Browser, interacting with other users online, changing Internet settings, and more.

Can I configure Parental Controls for individual users, for example young members of my family?

Yes. By creating a user for each person who will use the Wii U console, you can easily configure Parental Controls for children, for instance. This allows you to decide which content each family member can view or play, and which functions they can access.

Do all games support Miiverse?

Yes. With the exception of some built-in software, all software titles for Wii U support Miiverse.

Can I still play games if I don't use Miiverse?

Yes. Using Miiverse is designed to enhance your enjoyment of Wii U and its software, and is optional.

Can I access Miiverse from devices other than Wii U?

Yes. Wii U owners can now access Miiverse on PC and smart phones, so you can see what's going on wherever you are! See more at

What can I do in Nintendo eShop on Wii U?

Nintendo eShop for Wii U allows you to watch videos, download free trial versions of games, and purchase and download Wii U software.

Wii U Basic Pack: Depending on the size of the game, an additional storage device may be required for download.

Who can I call using Wii U Chat?

You can call any Wii U owner as long as you have registered each other as friends.

Does Wii U Chat support headsets?

Yes, headsets are supported.

Does it cost anything to make video calls using Wii U Chat?

It is free to make and receive calls. However, users are responsible for the cost of connecting to the Internet.

Does Wii U Chat support video calls involving three or more consoles?

Calls can only be made between two Wii U consoles.

Are the facial components I can use to make Mii characters in Mii Maker the same as the parts used to make Mii characters on Wii?

More parts are available on Wii U than were available on Wii. The same parts are available on Wii U as are available in Mii Maker on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

For more information, please visit the Wii U support section.