Enjoy the web on two screens

Share your favourite websites with friends and family by displaying them on the big screen, or browse comfortably and conveniently on the Wii U GamePad.

Browse your way

Gather everyone around the TV to watch videos, share holiday snaps and enjoy the Internet together. Read small text easily on the GamePad's screen, or browse completely free from the TV.


Surf simply

Navigate the 'net with simple controls on the Wii U GamePad. Scroll pages, change tabs and type messages on its touch screen.

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Tilt to scroll

Activate motion controls to scroll pages by simply tilting the GamePad up and down.

Enjoy special effects

Liven up your browsing experience with these special features. While playing videos on the big screen, keep browsing on the GamePad to cue up more content, or hide a page behind a curtain to keep it a surprise.

Suspend your game and search

If you need help in your favourite game, push the HOME Button to suspend your game and load the Internet Browser. The game's title will even be automatically entered as a search term so you can find help quickly and easily.

Parental controls

With the Wii U console's Parental Controls, it's easy to manage which content can be viewed online through the Internet Browser.

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