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New to Wii U, or thinking of getting one? Read on for answers to some of the most-asked questions about our latest home console, or check our Support section for even more in-depth info on a variety of topics.

How many games can I store in the internal flash memory of the Basic Pack and Premium Pack Wii U consoles?

Because each title takes up a different amount of space, it is not possible to say exactly how many titles can be stored on a single console. Please check the size of the software in Nintendo eShop before purchasing.

My Wii U internal flash memory is full, and I cannot download new software. What should I do?

Please create space by using Data Management, accessed through the Wii U Settings Menu, to delete data or software you no longer need. You can also use USB storage media to increase the space available for storing downloaded software.

Can I play downloaded software that I've saved on USB storage media on a different Wii U console?

No. Software saved to USB storage media can only be used on one Wii U console.

Can I download content from Nintendo eShop directly to my USB storage device?

Yes. Games and other content downloaded from Nintendo eShop on Wii U can be saved directly to a USB storage device. In fact, when a USB device is connected, the system will automatically download to the USB device. You can organise data to transfer content between the Wii U system memory and external USB storage media.

Do I need to move downloaded games from USB storage media to the Wii U console's internal memory to play them?

No. If you have downloaded a game to USB storage media, you can access it directly from the Wii U Menu without the need to move it to internal memory.

Can I copy and transfer data from the Wii U internal flash memory to USB storage media, and vice-versa?

Data can be transferred, but not copied. For details, please open the Wii U Menu, then select System Settings, then Data Management.

Can software purchased and downloaded by one user be shared with other users on the same console?

Yes. Software that has been purchased and downloaded can be used by all users created on a single Wii U console.

Can I gift software to other people, as on the Wii Shop Channel?

Nintendo eShop on Wii U does not have a "gift" facility like the one on the Wii Shop Channel.

Can I purchase WiiWare and Wii Virtual Console titles on Wii U?

Yes. By accessing the Wii Shop Channel while in Wii Mode, you can purchase WiiWare and Wii Virtual Console titles on Wii U.