Hi everyone, I'm Satoru Iwata of Nintendo. To commemorate the release of the Nintendo 3DS system, we have decided to begin a project where I would "Ask" creators who were central within their development teams from various software companies that develop some of the key games on the Nintendo 3DS system. I believe that since people make video games, the games naturally take on the experiences and thoughts of those who made them. As a former game developer, I personally became very interested in how these people have become developers, and what went through their minds as they made their games for Nintendo 3DS. I think it would be an interesting angle for showing the appeal of each title by introducing to you, the readers, how each of these games were made. It was not easy to interview everyone in a short timeframe, but as my business travels took me to places like Tokyo and Osaka, I have arranged some time and rented meeting spaces in hotels and other venues and asked the creators to bother themselves to come meet and talk to me on a set schedule. I have made this request to the creators through Nintendo's Licensing Department*, and even though they all had a tight schedule as they were getting their games ready for release, they have graciously agreed to participate. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was so kind to join me. And at the same time, I feel a conviction that I was able to hear answers to many of the yearning questions that I wanted to know. For a little while, I will be releasing parts of this project as a series of interviews with the different developers. I hope you like it.