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A mega new update for Nintendo Switch Online members!

Looking for some classic gaming? Nintendo Switch Online members have instant access to a large library of Game Boy™, Super NES™, and NES™ games—including classics like the Kirby's Dream Land™, Super Mario World™, The Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past™, and Super Mario Bros.™ 3 games.

More games have been added, so here’s a list to catch you up!

Game Boy™ Nintendo Switch Online


Send Dr. Wily's evil creations to the trash heap!

Dr. Wily is at it again! Fresh from his defeat at the hands of Mega Man, the mad scientist Dr. Wily has revived his Robot Masters and even constructed a new "Mega Man Killer" named Enker. Now, only Mega Man can save the world from destruction! Featuring content from the original Mega Man and Mega Man 2, play as Capcom's iconic cybernetic superhero in his first portable adventure.


Dr. Wily is up to no good, once again.

Dr. Wily has stolen an experimental time travel device and zipped off to the future! Meanwhile, Mega Man and his trusty sidekick, Rush, are sent on a mysterious mission to investigate an underground lair. Jump and blast your way through a barrage of maniacal enemies while collecting a variety of weapons and items to help fight more Robot Masters!


It's a disaster and only Mega Man can stop it!

The dastardly Dr. Wily has taken control of an off-shore oil rig, aiming to drill to the center of the Earth to collect energy for his latest invention. Assisted by cyber-canine Rush and robotic helper Eddie, you must progress through Dr. Wily's fiendish fortress, battling various Robot Masters and collecting their weapons.


Sudden chaos at the World Robot Exposition!

Dr. Wily is using his mind-controlling device to set all robots to attack! The only one not under his control is Mega Man, who sets off to stop Dr. Wily, joined by Rush and Beat. Together this trio battles fortresses of laser turrets, waves of armed androids, and fiendish Robot Masters.


Equipped with new upgrades, Mega Man faces a robot army!

After another of Dr. Wily's failed attempts at world domination, peace reigns on Earth once more. Or so it would seem. During a peaceful stroll with his sister Roll, Mega Man is confronted by a powerful robot called Terra that drops out of the sky! This new enemy easily defeats Mega Man, then quickly dispatches an army of robots to conquer Earth. Waking up in Dr. Light's lab, Mega Man is given a new and powerful weapon to defeat the alien invasion: the Mega Arm. Now equipped to take down his enemies, Mega Man sets off to restore peace!

About Nintendo Switch Online

Don’t have a Nintendo Switch Online membership yet? In addition to getting access to a selection of 100+ Game Boy, Super NES, and NES games, you’ll also be able to play with your friends online, back up your save data to the cloud and use voice chat with other players via the smartphone app in compatible games, and get access to members-only special offers.

Any Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required. Membership auto-renews after initial term at the then-current price unless canceled. Persistent Internet, compatible smartphone, and Nintendo Account age 13+ required to use app. Data charges may apply. Online features, Save Data Cloud, and Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app features available in compatible games. Not available in all countries. The Nintendo Account User Agreement, including the Purchase and Subscription terms, apply. Learn more at nintendo.com/switch/online