Nintendo Switch
Free demo available

Every story has a beginning—this is Bayonetta’s. Try a free demo today!

Long before she became the battle-ready Bayonetta, a young Cereza was cast out by both of her parents’ clans. Her only companion? An inanimate stuffed toy named Cheshire. Well, inanimate until Cereza summons and channels a demon into it. Reluctantly, Cheshire agrees to accompany her until they can find a way to send him back to Inferno.

Join the young Cereza and Cheshire, her very first demon, on a quest to save her mother in the Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon™ game. Control the duo simultaneously using the left and right side of your controller. Harness Cereza’s magic and Cheshire’s ferocity to make your way through the treacherous forest. You won’t have to wait long to open the first chapter to this storybook-inspired adventure. By downloading a free demo of the game, you can enter the vibrantly illustrated world today!

If you decide to purchase the full game, you’ll even be able to carry over your save file. This means you can pick up the story right where you left off.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon launches on March 17. If you’d like to download the free demo or pre-order the game, please check out the link below.