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Dig into a marmot-ain of games with underground areas!

Ahh… the majestic groundhog. These adorable critters have been known to take on many roles—unintentional archaeologist*, soil mixer, farming nuisance, and even… weather forecaster?

Yup! While they may not be the most precise meteorologists, some folks look to these burrow-building buffs to predict how long winter will last.

So, to celebrate these well-rounded excavators, we’ve done a little soil searching and put together a list of games with completely inaccurate examples of what a groundhog’s burrow may look like. We’d like to think that each of the underground areas in these games inspired the blueprints to these diligent diggers’ homes (but most likely didn’t).

*Did you know that groundhogs have helped unearth artifacts in places like Pennsylvania and Ohio?