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Minecraft Deluxe Collection
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The world is yours for the making

Survive the night or create a work of art in the hit sandbox game! Build anything you can imagine, uncover mysteries, and face thrilling foes in an infinite world that’s unique in every playthrough. There’s no wrong way to play!

Tap the pig three times for a surprise.

How it works

Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things—from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off the dangerous mobs.

Gather resources

Get crafty and use the surrounding environment to gather building materials—see how breaking down trees can help you create something new.

Survive the night

It’s always best to avoid the unpredictable by distancing yourself from wandering mobs—you never know what’ll happen if they get too close!

Build amazing things

Discover all the versatile ways dust from the redstone ore can be used to enhance your creations, bring them to life, or give them some bang.

A blocky mountain goat gallops forward.

Includes the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack

Mario in Minecraft style emerges from a Warp Pipe, reaching up to hit a Question Block.
A cute, blocky bumblebee shown mid-flight

Explore a custom Mario-themed world in the Super Mario™ Mash-Up Pack! The pack also features 15 tracks and 40 player skins inspired by the iconic Super Mario series.

Exclusively compatible with Nintendo Switch™ systems.

So many ways to play together

Have a blast with friends, whether you’re sitting on the same couch or miles apart!

A family of five sits on the couch, smiling and playing together. Four of the family members are holding controllers.

On the same system

Up to four people can play couch co-op together* on the same system.

Two kids play together on their own Nintendo Switch Lite systems.

Local wireless

Up to eight people can play together by connecting their systems together via local wireless*.

Four friends in different locations play together on their own Nintendo Switch systems.


Connect** and play with other Nintendo Switch players across the world.

Cross-platform play

The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is available on the Nintendo Switch system as well as other consoles, mobile devices, and computers running Windows. You can play the Nintendo Switch version** with others—regardless of platform—as long as everyone is using the Bedrock Edition.

Close-up of a player character with purple hair, dark skin, and stylish attire.

Be who you want to be!

Nine player characters stand in a line. Their clothing, skin tones, hair color, and hair styles are all different.

Who will you be on your adventures? You can customize your avatar, dress it in free and paid-for*** cosmetic items, and set your emotes to become your blocky self!

A green zombie lunges forward.

Expand the fun with Minecraft Marketplace

Get creator-made add-ons, thrilling worlds, stylish cosmetics, and additional adventures featuring popular characters on the in-game Minecraft Marketplace***.

* Additional games, systems, and/or accessories may be required for multiplayer mode. Games, systems, and some accessories sold separately. ** Any Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online features. Membership auto-renews after initial term at the then-current price unless canceled. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply. *** Full version of game required to use DLC. Sold separately.

Supported play modes




Product information

Release date

June 20, 2018


ESRB rating

Supported play modes

TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

Game file size

1.4 GB

Supported languages

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

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