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Dock - Animal Crossing™ - REFURBISHED


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This White Nintendo Switch™ dock is the dock that is included with the Nintendo Switch - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition.

It's adorned with images of recognizable characters Tom Nook and Nooklings Timmy and Tommy. The Nintendo Switch dock allows the user to display Nintendo Switch game play on the television. This item is to add an additional dock to easily move the Nintendo Switch between multiple televisions or to replace an original dock. AC Adapter and HDMI cable (sold separately) needed for complete set up.

Authentic Refurbished Product:

Only from Nintendo, this Nintendo Switch Dock is available as an Authentic Nintendo Refurbished product. That means it has been inspected by Nintendo, restored and verified to be fully functional, and made available at a lower price than non-refurbished products. Refurbished products may have minor cosmetic blemishes but otherwise work as expected. Includes a 90-day limited warranty.

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