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    Mii Contest Channel

    A portion of the online services offered through the Wii console were discontinued on 28th June 2013. This Channel will no longer be available even if it is started up from the Wii Menu.

    Have more fun with your Miis in the Mii Contest Channel! In this Channel you can post your own Miis or import the Miis of users worlwide into your own Mii Channel. You can also enter your best Miis into Contests based on different themes and challenges, or judge the creations of others.

    For detailed information about the functionalities of the Mii Contest Channel, please refer to the Channel's electronic manual. You can access it by pressing the HOME Button while you are using the Mii Contest Channel.

    An Internet connection is required to use this Channel, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Wii Software section of the Wii Shop Channel.


    Now you can have even more fun with the Mii Contest Channel by downloading the updated version. If you originally downloaded the Channel before 31 January, you can get your hands on the new one by visiting the Wii Shop Channel and downloading the Channel again from the Wii Software list.

    Among the new features on the updated Mii Contest Channel are:

    • The option of viewing all of the Miis created by a specific Mii Artisan just by clicking on his or her face on the Profile menu.
    • The ability to recall Miis you have previously posted and a list that reminds you of all the Miis you have submitted.
    • A feature that means even if you cancel out of judging a Contest, data about any Miis you voted for will be retained if you return to judge it later.