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    Mii Channel: Mii Parade

    Visiting friends' Miis will gather in your Wii console's Mii Parade. You can then port those Miis over to your Mii Plaza, allowing you to use them in Mii-compatible games. In order for a friend's Mii to make it's way to your Mii Parade, the following requirements must be met:

    • The individual Mii's profile is set to "Mingle".
    • There are three ways for Miis to travel to other Wii consoles:
      • Store your Mii to a Wii Remote and bring it over to a friend's house and use it on their Wii console.
      • With WiiConnect24 enabled and your Wii Console connected to the internet, Miis will transfer to a friend's Wii console if you have both registered each other's Wii console in your own Address Book (how to).
      • Miis can be sent to another Wii console via the Wii Message Board.