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    Button Mapping FAQ

    What is Button Mapping?

    This is a setting that allows you to change the button inputs for supported controllers on Nintendo Switch consoles.

    You can also disable the inputs for certain buttons or change the control stick orientation while using the Joy-Con controller in solo horizontal grip.

    Which controllers are supported?

    This setting is supported for the Joy-Con (L), Joy-Con (R), and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The button mapping on a Nintendo Switch Lite system can also be changed.

    Which buttons can be remapped?

    You can change the mapping for any button other than the POWER Button, the Volume Buttons, the HOME Button, and SYNC Button.

    Important: You cannot configure other buttons to respond as the Volume, SYNC or POWER Button inputs.

    Does this setting apply to the control sticks too?

    The directional functionality of the control sticks (up, down, left, right, etc.) cannot be mapped to a button input. However, you can change the side each control stick is on. For example, the R Stick input can be configured on the L Stick.

    Can I apply a button mapping setting to multiple controllers?

    Each controller must be configured separately. However, you can load a preset mapping and apply it to the same type of controller. For example, a preset for a left Joy-Con can be loaded for another left Joy-Con, but not for a right Joy-Con.

    Does my mapping carry over if I pair my controller with another console?

    No. The button mapping settings are saved on the console, not on the controller. If you pair your controller with another console, the controls will revert to the default button mapping.

    Can I save multiple button mapping settings for each controller?

    On each console, up to five different presets can be saved for the Joy-Con (L), five for the Joy-Con (R), and five for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

    My controller is not responding properly. How do I know if the button mapping has been changed or disabled?

    Throughout different menus, a spanner icon will be displayed beside the controller in-use at the bottom-left corner of the touch screen to indicate that there is a user-defined button mapping for one or more controllers. This means that one or more buttons have had their mapping changed or have been disabled.



    Will my button mapping settings apply while playing a game?

    Once applied to a controller, your button mapping settings will apply to nearly all situations on Nintendo Switch, including playing games, Nintendo eShop, the HOME Menu, Recovery Mode, etc.

    Keep in mind that your button mapping settings will be automatically disabled in certain instances, such as performing a controller button test, calibrating the control sticks, calibrating motion controls, etc.