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    Message: "One or more controllers have user-defined button mapping".

    The information in this article can help you when the message “One or more controllers have user-defined button mapping” is displayed on the Nintendo Switch console.


    • This is not an error message. This is displayed when waking the console from sleep mode to indicate that one or more paired controllers have had their button mapping settings changed.
    • Throughout different menus, a spanner icon will be displayed beside the controller in-use at the bottom-left corner of the touch screen to indicate that there is a user-defined button mapping for one or more controllers. This means that one or more buttons have had their mapping changed or have been disabled.

    What to do

    Select either Reset Button Mapping to revert to the default button mapping, or Keep Current Settings to keep the user-defined button mapping.

    Important: You can also reset the button mapping from within System Settings.