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    How to Set Nintendo eShop Restrictions

    Instructions on managing purchase restrictions for the Nintendo Switch console or on the official Nintendo website.

    Important: If you are not yet supervising the account you want to set restrictions for, you will need to do one of the following:

    Additional Information:

    • You may also find our information on setting Parental Controls for Nintendo 3DS helpful.
    • Restrictions for purchases on Nintendo Switch and the official Nintendo website can only be set through a parent/guardian’s Nintendo Account in a Nintendo Account family group.
    • A parent/guardian can manage purchase restrictions, including automatic renewal, for any Nintendo Accounts that have been added to or created by the parent/guardian’s Nintendo Account.

    Complete These Steps:

    1. Sign in to your existing parent/guardian Nintendo Account to access your Nintendo Account settings.
    2. Select “Family Group”.
    3. A list of all supervised accounts in the family group will appear on the screen. Select the Nintendo Account for which you want to manage restrictions.
    4. Select each setting that you want to adjust:
      • Spending Restrictions - Check the box to disable purchases and automatic renewal options on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch AND the official Nintendo website.
      • Age-Based Purchase Restrictions - Check the box to restrict the content that can be seen on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. Content will automatically be restricted based on the player’s age.
    5. Select “Save changes” to confirm the change.