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    Is the Game Boy Advance SP compatible with foreign hardware and software?

    The Game Boy Advance SP is independent of TV regions, so the English or Irish version of the Game Boy Advance SP hardware is compatible with foreign versions of Game Boy Advance SP software and vice versa.

    We would advise you, however, that both Nintendo of Europe and the retail outlets (worldwide) are separate businesses and independent of one another. We therefore cannot provide a warranty for products that originate from countries outside the EU.

    As a rule, products originating in English-speaking countries are provided with instructions in English.

    Where a so-called Multi-Pak multiplayer game has been specially adapted to the needs of a specific country (e.g. on-screen text in German), it is essential for multi-player mode that each connected Game Boy Advance/Game Boy Advance SP is running the same version of the game, i.e. from the same country. If this requirement is not met it could result in errors in the game or indeed to loss of saved data or similar failure.