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  • Update from the Squid Research Lab: Mr Nogami demonstrates Hero Mode!


    Esteemed squid researcher Mr Nogami was a busy man during E3 2017, delving into the various modes of the upcoming Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Treehouse Live. We recently shared a report on his demonstration of Salmon Run, but he didn’t stop there – he also showed off Hero Mode!

    The video below shows how he got on.

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    Hero Mode is perfect for learning the basics and mastering skills that you can take online* in Turf War and Ranked Battle. It allows you to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each individual weapon and find a style that suits you best.

    The weapons used here are unique to Hero Mode and there are different pieces of equipment available for you to use in each stage. We’ve discovered that when you go through a stage for the first time, you must use a weapon that’s assigned to you. However, once you’ve completed the stage, you’ll receive various research requests from Sheldon enabling you to revisit stages with all sorts of different weaponry. That’s one way to keep things fresh!

    Weapons can be levelled up by using the Power Eggs and Sardinium you collect as you progress. During the presentation, Mr Nogami upgraded the Hero Shot from Lv. 1 to Lv. 2, increasing its rate of fire. It’s perfectly possible to complete stages with the weapons at Lv. 1, but levelling up your weapons will help you immensely if you’re having a tough time.

    Boss fights are also back for Hero Mode in Splatoon 2. To demonstrate this, Mr Nogami took on the Octo-Samurai in a thrilling battle! You can learn more about him and the rest of the Octarian menace in a previous report, or you can dive into some of the finer details of Hero Mode in our first report on it.

    The Treehouse Live team also wandered onto the show floor during E3 to show off Turf War. You can watch their battles in the video below.

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    Ready to take on Hero Mode? Splatoon 2 arrives exclusively on Nintendo Switch on July 21st.

    Keep up to date on all the freshest details on Splatoon 2 by following the Splatoon Facebook page and be sure to check out the official Splatoon 2 website, which has plenty of information to Squid Jump into!

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